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Having trouble getting into your account? We can help with that.

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There are a number of reasons why you would be unable to log into your TeamFlow account: credentials, account status, browser settings, internet connection, billing, and server issues.

In this article we’re going to look into the most common reasons for interruption of service and how we can help resolve the issue in a timely manner.


  • Make sure you are using the correct sign in and password, check to see if your CAPS LOCK is enabled and try signing in again.

  • Check your formatting, our sign in email and password are case sensitive.

  • Sign in to your Gmail account first if you are trying to log in via Google.

  • Make sure your password is correct, if you think your password was initially faulty or you would like to reset your password contact support support@teamflow.com


  • For security reasons there are some situations that your account can be flagged, suspended, or frozen. If you have received an email like these:

  • Account Activity Warning

Password Breach

  • You will need to follow up with the initial email about the security issue blocking your account.

  • You can check your account status here at security@teamflow.com if you are worried about a potential breach or contact customer support at support@teamflow.com.


TeamFlow is a web-based application and certain browser settings can limit or stop a user from signing in and using the platform. The issue can vary from browser to browser so be sure to follow the links below for a more indepth troubleshooting:

Some of the most common issues are resolved by clearing your cache and cookies in your chosen browser and then restarting the application, here are some other helpful tips to get TeamFlow working properly if you are running in to browser issues:

  • Make sure Javascript is enabled: Each browser handles Javascript differently and TeamFlow uses Javascript in-browser for core functionality. Search your browser's troubleshooting to find out how to enable JS. This might be your answer, especially for a new laptop or a fresh download of a new browser.

  • Make sure cookies are enabled: The same information can be used as above, consult your browser settings to make sure this is enabled.

  • Remove/Disable add-ons and plugins: This can cause some hiccups, especially in the login/sign in steps, while we do test each version extensively before release, we cannot check each add-ons compatibility with TeamFlow, try turning off your extensions to see if that solves your issue.


  • We’ve optimized TeamFlow to be smooth and efficient but at the end of the day TeamFlow is still a SaaS (Software as a Service) cloud based platform so it requires an internet connection. In future releases we may develop an “off-line mode” similar to Google Docs.

  • If you are using TeamFlow at home, try testing your connection speed and see if you are getting at least 128k kbps download speeds.

  • If you are working at your office try consulting with your IT department about the internet speed. TeamFlow might be moving slower if you are in a high-traffic area such as a coffee shop or the airport.


  • Make sure your billing information is up to date. TeamFlow charges your account on the DATE OF PURCHASE not at the end of the month, this means that if you bought a license on the 21st then payment is due on the 21st.

  • Keep your card information up to date and make sure the card expiration date is not close to expiring. You can see which card was used for billing in your Account settings.


  • While we have a stellar track record of uptime on TeamFlow; however we cannot predict everything that can happen and there may be a very rare occasion in which the software is briefly offline.

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