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Additional Buttons

After looking at nodes let's check out some of the other tools that TeamFlow uses

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  • Click this button to undo an action that you have committed, the undo functionality is viable to to 50 actions in TeamFlow


  • Redo allows you maneuver your actions through time so nothing is lost and you can pinpoint your actions


  • Animate allows you to see the directional "flow" of the diagram


  • These buttons allow you to navigate between established sub-layers; whenever you click a node, the down button will show as undisabled - gives you the option to quickly create a lower layer based on the node


  • Hides the cost as seen in the nodes if you have the option enabled


  • Hides the duration of the of the node set in the side panel - if enabled


  • Editing the links you have on the screen is a simple toggle switch that allows you to “clean up” the curvature of some lines in order to show more clarity with your Flow, to toggle off just click the button again


  • Generates a link so that other TeamFlow subscribers can see your work and Flow


  • Allows you to generate an image file of your entire length of your Flow allowing you to also store it locally so you can print, share, or analyze your process


  • With Upload you can bring in old legacy TeamFlows or upload Flows from another project, branch, or group of fellow TeamFlow users


  • Downloading the Flow grants you the ability to save your Flow as a JSON data file that you can bring into your own software or internal code


  • While labels aren’t a button on the Action Bar, they are a field inside the node. You can open or edit a node by clicking on the light bulb icon inside the node, this will bring up a side panel on the right that will allow you to edit and save new data; one of these data fields is “Label”. Labels are seen from the outside of the node to the right.

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