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Error Reporting

If you come across a bug or an issue, here is some info that might help in getting it resolved quicker.

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If it looks like there is a problem that is not covered here in the Knowledge Base or you’ve run into an issue you think might be technical there are some helpful ways for us to pinpoint what the problem might be.

  • First - If you run into an error, see if you can close the browser and then take the same steps and get the same error again, this is called “replication” and it helps the developers go through the same steps.

  • Second - Once you’ve confirmed you can repeat the issue you can contact customer support at

  • Third - When you are submitting a new error it would be very helpful to type out the steps you did to get the error, other useful information to add to the customer support ticket is: browser, user email, tier level, & what operating system you are on (Windows, Mac, Linux...etc)

Advanced: If you are knowledgeable in web tools and run into an error please progress through the mentioned above steps and then right click and go into your browser’s “inspect” developer tool, and then  grab any errors in your console log and please add it into the ticket. This will help resolve any errors faster.

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