TeamFlow Sessions let's you collaborate on a diagram

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TeamFlow® Sessions is a real-time collaborative editing feature available for Organizations or Enterprise accounts. Bring in your whole team or just a small group; you can simultaneously work on your diagrams and stay connected, every step of the way.


To enable a session simply jump into a diagram with another active user. The session will start automatically and you will be able to collaboratively edit the diagram. You can tell a session is active by being able to see the avatars of the users in the diagram at the bottom of the screen.

In order to be the “active” user that is able to modify the diagram, you will need to have “Editor” access. The default “Editor” is the user that is first into the diagram, if you want to change who is the editor, simply click on another user’s avatar at the bottom of the screen and in the drop down click “MAKE EDITOR.”

Any user that is not the editor may request editor by clicking the Editor's avatar and clicking "REQUEST EDITOR." This will prompt the Editor to either approve or deny the request. If the request is not responded to in 30 seconds the requester will automatically be made the editor – such as in case the Editor has stepped away from the computer.

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