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Inviting People to an Organization
Inviting People to an Organization

In this article we'll take a look at getting people on board to your organization

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Once you have have started an organization and have put in your payment information, contact, name, and how many seats you want to purchase, let's take a look at inviting people to join you.

Here we have a quick view of the sign up form to create an organization. Next we'll be looking at specifically how to bring in other members to your team.

Once you have successfully purchased an organization, you will now have a new tab in your Account view that says ORGANIZATION once you click on this tab it will show you a panel in which you can start inviting members to your group.

NOTE: if you do not see this, please select the dropdown on the top right that says "Select Account" to switch to your organization. If you still do not see this, please contact support with the green circle in the bottom right of the screen.

Here we have already invited one member "Tony" as an example; by typing in their email and selecting what role they are it adds them to your organization. For each member you invite to your organization it will take up one seat. You can see how many seats you have remaining in the top right of this section.

  • Most of the time people will invite members however if you wish to bring on other people with elevated permissions you can invite someone as an owner such as a manager or lead engineer.

Now that we have invited more members let's invite one more...

Oops! turns out we didn't mean to add that member, you can remove this invite by hovering over the member and selecting the remove button.

Here is an organization with members invited, however their invites are still pending.


To get your members onboard with your organization will need to get them to sign up with TeamFlow using the the same email address you have added here. Once they sign up they will have access to your organization by simply switching their account in the top right dropdown button in Account page. You can find more details here.

All TeamFlow users are included with a free personal account, as well as any additional accounts from organizations where they have been invited.

We are in the processes of streamlining the organization invites and will have updates soon to make your on-boarding easier, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at

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