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Starting a Swimlane
Starting a Swimlane

We'll be looking at how to set up your first swimlane and looking deeper into how to fill out the

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You'll need to add in a swimlane before you add in anything else into your diagram, the swimlane is the foundation of what you create. So let's start by looking at a blank process diagram, you will see that the content of this diagram is completely empty, let's lay down a base of swimlanes to start our process.

If you try to start adding nodes by dragging and dropping from the tool bar you'll see

that you are not able to because there is no swimlanes, you'll also see a small popup reminding you to add in a swimlane before you start your diagram.

To start adding in a swimlane, click on the white, dashed, square near the top right of the screen that says "Add Swimlane". Here you will be greeted with a popup for adding in a swimlane.

There are other ways to add in many swimlanes at once, but for now let's just focus on the most accelerable way. Here on this screen we'll see that we have some options to go over, we've already covered what the main points of a swimlane are, so let's ago ahead and add in some data

We added in some simple content, and even some that wasn't required to make a swimlane, our content is:

Name: Gandalf
Title: The Grey
Label: Wizard

But you can put in your own information.

After we hit the CREATE button in the popup, we will see that the data is automatically updated in the application and we can now start adding in nodes, or more than likely, start adding in another swimlane

If you messed up something in the swimlane you don't need to create another, all you need to do is simple click the swimlane you made and with one click you can edit any information you had and click "SAVE". The info I put in was pretty good, so there's no reason to change anything so I'll hit "CANCEL".

This should get you started on adding and editing swimlanes; as a note, you can add in as many swimlanes as you like, but they will be unique to your diagram, if you wish to repeat the swimlanes you create in other diagrams, you will need to make a team.

We talk about "MY TEAMS" in another article, you can find it here to learn more, or scroll back to the top of this page and click on the related article

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