With teams you can set up swimlanes and groups for future use or editing

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Welcome to the "teams" function of TeamFlow. Teams are a way to make a permanent swimlanes that you can use between diagrams, add to, or edit en mass. If you make a swimlane then the swimlane is unique to your diagram, however if you need to make a group of swimlanes that you can use throughout the application you'll want to use a team.

With teams you can create a list of swimlanes, however it should be noted that adding them to a diagram and then editing them again in the "Teams" view will not push the changes made.

To start off, let's click on the green "TEAMS" button in the top right-hand corner of the main dashboard view. Alternatively, you can click the dropdown in the navigation or "nav" bar on the top right of the screen and click the second option titled "Teams"

Once you click "TEAMS" you will see a new view where you can begin adding in or editing your teams. We're going to click the green button in the middle titled "CREATE A TEAM" to get started,

First, we'll need to give our team a name so that we know which group we are dealing with.

To keep things simple, we're just going to call this group "New Team" and then click the blue button saying "CREATE TEAM". Once we click this we'll be greeted with a new view.

In this view we'll see the add/edit veiw for teams, this view should look familiar to those that have already added in swimlanes directly in the diagram. However the fields are the same, for a quick recap, let's go over the fields when wish to enter data:
First we have a name, the "Name" is the only part of the swimlane that is required from the user. With naming you are want to add a specificity to a swimlane such as "East Atlanta Warehouse #3" for a physical building or something like "Willrow Hood" for being a co-worker. This allows you to quickly scan your swimlanes and place your nodes where you need them with ease.


Next, we have Title; titles help you differentiate between larger teams and establish a hierarchy when it comes to swimlanes with many of the same role and even name. You might have 26 developers and three of them with the last name Smith. With the title section you can specify their specific function such as "Agent Smith #1, #2,..etc" or you can specify who is the in a senior position such as "VP of Agents" or "Scranton Regional Manager"


Lastly, let's look at labels. Labels can be a place "Warehouse", a job "Developers", or a group "The Avengers". Roles are assigned to clarify a base for the swimlane and are usually the most broad when it comes to defining a swimlane.

The choice is up to you, many different industries have opposing or different practices and TeamFlow gives you the tools to sort out your teams as effortlessly as possible.


Outside of editing, importing, and adding there are a few more options when it comes to teams.

If you wish to view/edit a team you simply need to click the green "VIEW TEAM" under your team name.

If you with to remove or rename you team you can click the three-dot menu next to the team name and then preform these actions.

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