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In this article we'll look at the different modes you can cycle through for your diagram

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In this article we will look at the many features and general how-to in Document mode. Overall, this mode focuses on the text that describes each step in your process using a familiar word editor interface.

How to get to the Document Mode

Click the Modes icons in the corner and select Document from the dropdown.

Quickly add or editing titles and description

A primary function for the document mode is being able to quickly add in or edit titles and descriptions from the diagram. This can be done by simply clicking the field and typing away!

Moving nodes around

If you need to move the positions of nodes, there is a built in feature that helps you do just that in Document mode without reverting to Diagram mode. Simply right click on the node you want moved and you can shift the node one place up or down.

Navigating between sublayers

We can navigate between sublayers by going to specific node with sublayers with a similarities mechanism. There are two ways to do so, either by clicking the node and then selecting the layer down button in the items tray (#1) OR by right clicking the node and selecting View Sublayer(#2).

Exporting to Word or Markdown

One unique key feature of Teamflow is being able to export your data to files of your choosing - with Document mode, these formats can be either Word (.docx) or Markdown (.md) files. This can be done by clicking the share icon in the upper right hand side of the items tray, selecting export, choosing either Word File or Markdown File, and Clicking Export.

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