Outline Mode

Outline mode is a new view that lets you see your diagram in a different and useful way

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In this article we will look at the many features and general how-to in Outline mode. Overall, this mode focuses on the outline of your process by listing the steps and sub-steps necessary using a built-in spreadsheet.

This spreadsheet is utilizing the beneficial functionality (i.e., quick data entry, quick, calculations, etc.) in conjunction with all the given features of Teamflow.

How to get to the Outline Mode

Click the Modes icons in the corner and select Outline from the dropdown.

Quick Editing

In the following steps, we look the how-to of quickly editing fields and their default actions. We can get started by selecting the field in which the user wants to edit, typing in the field and clicking tab to move on.

Should be noted, entering in on the Time and Cost fields also results setting default. The Time field defaulting to minutes while the cost defaulting to dollars. With the currency type defaulting to dollars.

If these defaults are not the units you want for your time and/or cost - you can change these by right clicking on the row for the node, clicking the edit button and making changes to the unit as seen fit. Clicking save in the bottom right corner.

Adding Sub-Layers

In outline mode we have the ability to quickly shift nodes in and out of sublayers. We can also easily duplicate nodes into their own sublayers using the shift buttons on the icon tray (replacing the up/down icons).

We will look at the various situations in which you can use the sublayer action.

1. Moving an existing node into a new sublayer

Which can be accomplished by clicking the node's row, then clicking the shift right button

2. Moving an existing node to a nested sublayer

This can be done by clicking the node in which which you click the targeted node, clicking shift right, reselecting the targeted node and re-clicking the shift right.

3. Removing a node from a Sublayer

This can be done by selecting the node you want out of the sublayer, clicking the shift left button will remove the node from the sublayer and to the bottom of the parent layer.

Adding Nodes

Adding in a Node is very similar to the same process in Diagram mode with the drag and drop process. This ability also allows a drop into a sublayer. Simply click and drag your node of choice below the row you would like to place the node

Exporting to Excel or CSV

One unique key feature of Teamflow is being able to export your data to files of your choosing - with Outline mode, these formats can be either Excel (.xlsx) or CSV files. This can be done by clicking the share icon in the upper right hand side of the items tray, selecting export, choosing either Excel File or CSV File, and Clicking Export.

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