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This article looks at the first main view the user sees and what their options are moving forward.

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The TeamFlow Dashboard

This is the TeamFlow Dashboard, here you'll be able to navigate to the main views of the application. We'll walkthrough different points that you can see on your screen and look at each one while giving you information on what they are, what they do, and where they go when you click them. We've assigned each interactable section with a number, reading from left to right. The number also corresponds with the number below. We'll also provide screenshots to show you what happens when you interact with each section, so now, let's get started with the first number in the top left of the image, the number one.


Starting out there won't be any options here, however the more diagrams you make the more you'll see this area begin to fill up, you can also quickly jump between diagrams. You can also jump back here to the dashboard anytime from any point in the application. Once again, you'll need to make more projects or processes (also collectively known as diagrams) to see the options but this is where you will need to go to jump back to the dashboard once you start exploring.


Clicking here will allow you to set up a new diagram either a project or a process, you can also browse templates or import an older diagram from the original TeamFlow or from another user's export.


This button allows you to perform two actions, one is allowing you to access this knowledge base with all the articles we provide, the following button opens up our on-line support panel that will allow you to communicate with our support team.


The user dropdown lets the user navigate to the main access points of their account. There is more to look into in this dropdown, but we're just keeping to the basics in this article, and we'll explore this dropdown deeper in another article.


This button does the same action as "+ NEW DIAGRAM".

Clicking here will allow you to set up a new diagram, either a project or a process. You can also browse templates or import an older diagram from the original TeamFlow or from another user's export.


The search bar lets you find diagrams by title, in this screenshot we don't have any diagrams made yet, but the search function at its core lets you type in and find any diagram titles.

#7 | SORT

If you have diagrams in your dashboard you can use the sort function in order to see either ascending or descending based on date or name.

#8 | TEAMS

Clicking on the TEAMS button will open up the team builder view, this will be a separate view from your dashboard, however, you can navigate back by clicking the sidebar menu. TEAMS has more functionality than the dashboard so we'll get into the specifics of this view in another article, for now, navigate back to the dashboard.


By clicking the LEARN THE BASICS? the link will open an new view that will open our knowledge base, here you can learn a slightly deeper dive into TeamFlow and it's functionality.


Our INTRODUCTION VIDEO greets the user the first time they enter, however if you wish to watch it again or simply need a refresher this button allows you to re-watch the content.


By clicking the support button at the bottom right of the screen, you can instantly communicate with our support staff if you run into any problems within the application; you can also reach us at

NOTE: We usually answer all incoming support tickets within the hour, however if you are an international user (outside the United States) occasionally tickets maybe picked up the following morning, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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