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Editing Multiple Swimlanes
Editing Multiple Swimlanes

Here we'll look at the popup or "modal" used to add in multiple swimlanes

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Here we'll take a look at the other option to add in swimlanes, if you missed the first article you can look above at the "RELATED ARTICLES" options above and look at the first link titled "Swimlanes"

In this article we'll look at the swimlane modal, this popup allows the user to add in multiple swimlanes at once and also mass edit the existing swimlanes.

To start let's look in the "Tool bar" - that's the grey bar on the top with all the buttons - near the middle of the bar you'll see a button called "Swimlanes" clicking this button brings up a popup or "modal" that will allow you to input several swimlanes at once, rather than adding or editing a single swimlane like you can do with only the square dashed button titled "Add Swimlane".

Once we see the new modal come into view we can start adding our swimlanes en mass, for this example though let's just add in one real quick so that you can get a feel for it.

Here, like we did in the last swimlane articles we'll add in the same information as we have before.

Great! now that we've added in one, let's add in a few more, remember that while the "name" is the only required field when adding swimlanes, adding more information to your swimlanes will help clarify that entity and also make your swimlanes more clear to other people on your team.

We've added some new swimlanes and we've assigned them different colors and data for more clarity. Now we have a few, let's say we need to edit only one.

You can click on the individual swimlane; this will bring up the same view as in the individual swimlane edits as we've already discussed, you can also click the "Swimlanes" button in the tool bar and bring up the modal if you would like to edit more than one swimlane at at time.

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