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If you need to send an email during the duration of your diagram, this automation is right for you

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This articles goes over the System Email automation for a TeamFlow node. This will send a system generated email to the contacts in the node that come from the node owner and the node's assignments.

To start the process of automation you'll need to be in a PROJECT or PROCESS diagram. Once you are in the diagram you can find the AUTOMATE menu by clicking on a node and looking at the bottom on the panel menu.

The following templates are currently available:

  • Status Actions: this will send an email with buttons that can be clicked from the email to complete a task or change its status.

  • Status Notifications: this will send a notification of the node's status of whatever it was when the node was triggered.

Sending emails based on status change can help your diagram become more streamlined and get people the information they need when they need it, this is just one of the automations TeamFlow is implementing into our new "no-code" system so you can be better prepared and more organized.

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