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We'll take a look at one of the automation options available to send a request to a public website

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This articles goes over how to use the WEB REQUEST automation in a TeamFlow node. The web request will send an HTTP/HTTPS web request to a publicly accessible endpoint as either a GET or POST method.

To start the process of automation you'll need to be in a PROJECT or PROCESS diagram. Once you are in the diagram you can find the AUTOMATE menu by clicking on a node and looking at the bottom on the panel menu.

Once you are here you can click on the WEB REQUEST option to open up the details of the automation you wish add to your diagram, here you can specify what happens after you "run" your diagram. If you put in the wrong information you can always edit the request, however you will need to stop your automation if you have started it already.

Once you get to the specifications that you want you can click SAVE on the bottom right of the options panel and upon hitting the START button your automation will begin at the specified node.

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