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We've incorporated Zapier into TeamFlow to help you get the tools you need, when you need them

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This article goes over the instructions for how to setup a Zapier Trigger as a Node Automation in TeamFlow.

To start the process of automation you'll need to be in a PROJECT or PROCESS diagram. Once you are in the diagram you can find the AUTOMATE menu by clicking on a node and looking at the bottom on the panel menu.

Once you have navigated to the AUTOMATE button, click on it and then select the ZAPIER TRIGGER this will prompt another view that looks like this:

Once you are here you'll be able to incorporate Zapier into your TeamFlow diagram, it should be noted that you'll have to have access to Zapier in order to set your parameters and to copy over the Zapier keys to make your nodes or diagram perform an automation.

We'll talk more about the process of using Zapier in your diagrams later on in an upcoming article, however if you have any questions you can reach out to us at

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