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How to purchase a plan
How to purchase a plan

A quick walkthrough explaining how to purchase a TeamFlow plan

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In order to purchase a PRO or ORGANIZATION level account in TeamFlow you'll need to sign in or sign up for an account first.

Once you have an account click in the top-right drop-down menu on the navigation bar then select on "My Account".

Below is a video showing you the process needed to take to buy your plan and upgrade your account:

First, click on the dropdown at the top right of the screen.

Here is a closer look at the dropdown - the name and email will vary depending on who is signed in at the moment.

Once you click "Account" you will see a new view with several options near the top of the screen, select PLANS.

Here you will find the options for purchasing elevated tiers of TeamFlow, additionally you can see your purchase details in the BILLING tab. If you have other questions or issues please take a look at the "payment" section in our Help Center, if you feel that a payment has been made in error please reach out to us at

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