Switching Accounts

Switching between your personal account and your other accounts has never been easier

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Here we are going to look at how to switch accounts. Every user has a personal account that is available to only them starting out. However, if you are part of an organization you will most likely be in your organization account the majority of the time. When you sign up you will only need to switch your account once at the beginning and then you will stay in your organization account until you decide to switch back.

Below we will look at how to switch your account from your personal account that was created when you signed up to your organization account.

To start click the dropdown on the top right of the navigation bar.

Next, you will then need to click the selection "Account".

This will bring up a new view that will have your account details. Next, click on the "Select Account" button near the top right. Currently, it says "Personal Account".

Select the name of the organization name or enterprise that you are part of.

Here you will see the other account selected under "Select Account". You are now in your organization account. All account resources that are created such as diagrams, teams, folders, etc. are visible to everyone in the organization.

NOTE: do you need to have private workspaces to share with only certain members of your organization? We are working on a new feature that will be announced soon that supports this capability. We would love to hear your feedback if you are interested in this feature. Please contact us at hello@teamflow.com.

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