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Nodes are a way to convey data in TeamFlow; they are used throughout the application to show specific information in your diagrams. To use a node simply click and drag the node into the open field and begin working.

Certain nodes have restrictions but all nodes are customizable; if you are in the application try clicking or hovering your cursor over a node to see a small light bulb icon, by clicking on this icon a small screen should appear on the right hand side, here you will be able to change and modify parameters of your diagram. In the coming section we’ll get into the individual nodes and what they do.


  • Task node is anything that can be a job; such as “Collect Technological Information”, "IND Application", or something simple like "Place 12 chairs in the meeting room" This is an action that can be performed by someone or a group of people in order to achieve a goal.


  • These are nodes indicating that a group needs to discuss a certain aspect of the diagram before it can move forward.



  • Decisions are exactly what they sound like, these are nodes placed in places of importance or where a diagram forks. Decision nodes will always come with a simple binary scene of “Yes” and “No” along with a custom out-node for the user to add in specific plans.


  • This node is a summation of data from other nodes, commonly a task or a decision node will be before a report node. You can use the Reports to reflect the information that has been taken


  • Objects are nodes that are meant to be a physical entity such as 400 lbs of barley or 12 trucks. Objects are used to inform the diagram about what physical aspects other people need in order to finish the diagram.


  • If multiple reports or objects are flowing through the process, and need to be processed in an order (like first-in, first-out), then place a Queue prior to the task or meeting as a 'holder' of these items.


  • Milestone nodes are there to visually indicate major sections of the diagram that are distinct separate areas of operations, these nodes are unique in the fact that they take up the entire length of the screen. Think of these as set goals.


  • Wait nodes are used when an interrupt in the diagram needs to be shown, this can range from anything such as transportation time of assets to a reflection of a holiday break.


  • TeamFlow node is used to create a portal between other diagrams, this is used to form a cohesive flow between departments or separate companies. You can access the other diagram by double clicking on the node.

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