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A look at the basic functionality of TeamFlow's main dropdown and what these link do

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Here we'll look at the main dropdown in Teamflow and what each section does with a brief description, we won't be getting into the each action too deep, as we'll cover these individually in other sections.


The account section is simply a place for you to manage your data, invites, payments, and tier level. This is the main section you'll explore to check out who and where you're allowed to edit.


Teams are an essential part of TeamFlow and with “My Teams” you’ll be able to customize everything from establishing your Marketing Department to splintering off 1099 employees vs W2; the possibilities are endless and by keeping things organized you can keep your diagrams in order.


  • In order to create a new team you’ll need to go into your profile on the top right hand side of the application like this:

  • Once here you’ll be able to customize your teams as needed and you can always add more than one team at a time (Pro or higher tier)


Contacts are an easy way to align your personnel with your "Teams". Contacts allow you to directly import people along with their stored data into Teamflow, this tool is also a great way to start showing accountability on a project by allowing the user to assign a "manager" role to a swimlane


Sad to see you go!

Logging out can be beneficial and practical option if you start to run into interface bugs or simple account issues, we test our code and maintain a strict set of protocols with TeamFlow however sometimes server hiccups or even something as simple as an outdated browser might be fixed by simply logging out and then back in.

If you run into any issues that you can't fix feel free to email us directly to resolve open a ticket to resolve the issue.

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