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Importing a Team
Importing a Team

How to bring a team into Teamflow via "Import"

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If you already have a list (CSV only) you can click the blue button above the teams section that says "IMPORT TEAM".

If you wish to import a team, after you click the button button you'll see a popup that will allow you to select a .csv list from your system. However to keep things on track we're only going to focus on hand-input and not the importation option.

Here we have put an input into our teams view, we added in a person along with some additional data about them and clicked the "+ADD" button. We're not done yet, let's add in a few more.

Once we've added in a few more people to our team we pretty much have our final inputs done.

If you would like to create a new diagram with your existing team, simply click the "CREATE DIAGRAM FROM TEAM" this will make you a process automatically and then take you to that diagram.

Here is our view now that we click the button to make a new diagram with the team we just made, however this isn't the only way to get your team into your new or existing diagram.

If you only make a team and did not add via the "CREATE DIAGRAM FROM TEAM" you can always go into a diagram and then click the "Add Team" button that is just below the "Modes" button and immediately to the left of the swimlanes. Here you should see all teams that you have made

You can also access your teams by clicking the dropdown in the top nav bar and selecting the option "Teams" to go back to your teams or add/import new ones.

If you wish to edit your team in the diagram you can click on the "Swimlanes" button in the main tool bar and edit them just like you would any swimlane. It should be noted that editing the swimlanes here does not edit the team for every location you have the team.


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