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Import From Saved File
Import From Saved File

Using the old TeamFlow? You can import your data like this into the updated platform

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If you are using our legacy software of TeamFlow or you need to import another external diagram from another TeamFlow account; the process is simple, all you need to do is start a new TeamFlow and in the top left there will be a blue button called "NEW". Clicking this will bring up a popup.

This popup will have an option called FROM SAVED FILE click into the tab and then click "Choose File" from your local system and find the TeamFlow JSON file and add it in.

  • NOTED: If you are working on another TeamFlow before you add this in it will delete the current flow you are on after you upload your old TeamFlow, be sure to start a new project before uploading any of the legacy Flows or an external TeamFlow JSON file.


  • The export feature allows the user to download their Flow as a JSON file. If you aren’t sure what JSON is check out this link for a better understanding:

  • Learn about JSON here

  • You can start the download option by clicking the “Download” button on the top right of the action bar

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