With automation you'll be able to "run" your diagrams and kick off certain events at certain times

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TeamFlow Automate allows you to trigger automation on your nodes whenever the node is being executed. A node is executed when either it is the entry node (the first nodes in a process flow) or if a fully executed node has a line connecting to this node.

To start the process of automation you'll need to be in a PROJECT or PROCESS diagram. Once you are in the diagram you can find the AUTOMATE menu by clicking on a node and looking at the bottom on the panel menu.

The following automations are currently available:

  • System Email: send a system email to the owner & assignments contacts, read more.

  • Web Request: send a HTTP/HTTPS request to a web endpoint, read more.

  • Zapier Trigger: this will trigger a Zap automation on the Zapier platform, read more.

Automation can help users remember to kickstart an event, automatically send off emails and a number of other abilities that are coming soon. We'll be expanding on automation extensively and will be using it showcase the interconnectivity of TeamFlow.

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